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The Briny Art League aspires to protect the rights of all our artists and their original artwork. All images on this site are identified with the photographer's name and date the image was created. No images are to be re-used without the permission of the artist and/or photographer. Please contact regarding image rights.

If you would like to contribute a photograph to be used on the website, send a digital copy to Include the statement:

"I, ______, submit this photograph of _________ for use on the Briny Art League website for free use on the internet "

. . . OR . . .

"I, _____, submit this photograph of _______ for use on the Briny Art League website, to be copyright my name. I will not hold Briny Art League or its officers or members responsible for any copyright infringement."

Home Page Banner: Rocking Chairs, Alan Hoover 2021 (Note: All photographs by Alan and Kathy Hoover are free use. )

Art League:

  • Home Page Image: Shuffleboard Disks, Kathy Hoover 2021

  • Art League Page: Students at Work, Jill Kohut 2021

Current Classes:

  • Home Page Image and Current Classes Page: Print Making, Jill Kohut 2021.

Safety Guidelines:

  • Home Page Image: Welcome to Briny Sign, Created by Tiffany Jerome, Photographed with permission from Joan Hayes by Kathy Hoover 2021


  • Home Page Image: Briny Breezes Ocean Clubhouse, Kathy Hoover 2021

  • Officer's Page Header: Rocking Chairs, Alan Hoover 2021

  • Pat Columbus, President: Art Studio Door, Kathy Hoover 2021

  • E. Grant Perry, President: Teaching My Grands, Trying Acrylic Pouring, Sharing Art, E. Grant Perry 2021

  • Dory Hambacher, 1st VP: Telefon, Ocean Waves, Tibouchina, Dory Hambacher 2021

  • Jill Kohut, 2nd VP: Jill, Jill Kohut 2021

  • Barbara Saxton, Secretary: Barbara, Barbara Saxton 2021

  • Sue Alter, Treasurer: Sue at Stonehenge, Sue Alter

  • Kathy Hoover, Media Manager: Kathy Hoover, Kathy Hoover 2020

Briny Art Show 2021:

  • Home Page Image: Directors' Chairs @Briny OCH, Kathy Hoover 2021

  • Briny Art Show Page Header: Invitation to March 2020 Show (canceled due to Covid-19), Briny Art League 2021


  • Home Page: Tiki Huts & Ocean, Kathy Hoover 2021

  • Instructors' Page Header: Caladiums, Jill Kohut 2021

  • Sue Alter: Sue, Morning Has Broken, A New Day, Currents, Black Raven, Carrie's Memories, Sue Alter 2021

  • Jill Kohut: Jill, White Begonias, Caladiums, Jill Kohut 2021


  • Home Page Image: Briny Marina, Alan Hoover 2021

  • Meetings Page Header: Ruthmary Palms @ Night, Kathy Hoover 2021

Contact Us:

  • Home Page Image: Pelican at Pelican Point, Kathy Hoover 2021

  • Contact Us Page Header: Purple Flowers, Kathy Hoover 2021


  • Home Page Image: Google Search

  • Calendar Page Header: Title, Sue Alter 2021

Website Photo Credits:

  • Home Page Image: Sunset at Sunset Point, Alan Hoover 2021

  • Website Photo Credits Page Header: Rocking Chairs, Alan Hoover 2021