UPDATE:  While the information below is dated, please stay home if you are not feeling well and please use caution if there is news about occurrences of Covid and RVS in our local area.  Let your instructor know you will be absent, and s/he or a class member will be happy to take notes on that day's instructions.  Classes may be rescheduled due to illness in the community or of the instructor, and all efforts will be made to re-schedule any such classes.                                                                  

-- The Art League, Nov. 1, 2023

Pandemic Safety Guidelines


Thank you for maintaining the safety of all Art League members while in the Briny Art Studio,

(1) Wear your mask (covering your nose and mouth) at all times.

(2) Maintain "social distance" (six feet separation).

(3) Wash hands frequently.

(4) Maintain open doors and fans on (weather permitting).

(5) Do not attend Class or Meetings if you have any symptoms of Covid - - cough, sniffles, fever, unusual fatigue, other symptoms. Click here to view CDC guidelines in a separate window.

(6) Up to 10 people may gather in the Art Studio for classes.

(7) Up to 20 people may gather in the Art Studio for Meetings - - please be sure to maintain distance and wear masks.  Weather permitting, the meeting will move outdoors.