Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2024

Plans for our first meeting for the 2024 season will be posted here asap! 

Meetings Held in 2023 (below)


6:00 Social Gathering

6:30 Meeting - Planning for our Art Faire and more!

7:00  Demonstration by Artist Ellen Negley

Originally from Peoria, Illinois, Ellen Negley now makes her home in Lake Worth Beach.

As a watercolorist, Ellen reflects her surroundings in her artwork.  Her paintings bring to life the color, light, people and urban settings of south Florida and the global places she has visited.  

Ellen also has a love of drawing, which she feels goes hand-in-hand with painting.  She creates sketches on location for her paintings and participates in local sketch groups. This latter activity allows Ellen to connect with fellow artists and exchange ideas.

Ellen’s art has been featured in many fine art show posters, marketing materials, magazines and apparel.


Due to extenuating circumstances, the Art League quickly pivoted and held our meeting outdoors and without a demonstration.  It was a lovely evening, and much work was accomplished towards planning for our upcoming Art Faire 2023 on Saturday, March 18, 2023.

SIGN UP SHEETS to help on committees (ie, Raffle, Artists' Reception, Parking, Set Up, Hanging, and more) as well as INSTRUCTION SHEETS on how to enter your art work and how to prepare your art for hanging are available on the desk in the Studio by the front door.

Our demonstration by Patricia Lappin will be resheduled for another time.


6:00 Social Gathering

6:30 Meeting - Planning for our Art Faire and more!

7:00  Demonstration by Patricia Lappin, an abstract expressionist who works with acrylics.  Her presentation "Beyond the Brush" uses items found in your hometo addlayering to the canvas.  She will be doing a demonstration of the process.  See more at her website: 


6:00 Social Gathering 

6:30 Meet the Teachers 

7:00 Demonstration by Carl Stoveland, a photographer and multimedia artist from Lake Worth Beach, FL.  Visit his website at  

Meetings in 2022 (below)

Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2022

Briny Art Studio

6:00   Social Gathering

6:30   Meet the Teachers

7:00   Presentation by 

          Dory Hambacher

Dory Hambacher is an active Briny Art League member and officer.  She will be sharing information and her experiences about Urban Sketching.  

Here are two websites that can tell you more.  (Click on the underlined titles to go to the website.)

What is Urban Sketching?  (

"In short, it is the practice of drawing what is around you, for instance, in your sketchbook. It does not necessarily imply that you draw cities, but rather it consists of capturing your personal vision of your immediate world, and the places you travel to. It is a narrative of everyday life: that cup of coffee that you drink in the morning, the streets that you walk by during the day, the cars that you observed, the clothes that you wore, and so on."

What is Urban Sketching? A Beginner's Guide (

For more information and to see suggestions of what supplies to bring, check out this website. 

Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2022

Briny Art Studio

6:00   Social Gathering

6:30   Meet the Teachers

7:00   Presentation by Irene Hill

Irene Hill is an award-winning Master Photographer with a Master’s Degree in English and Education from Northwestern University. She teaches photography both on-line and in person and spent 11 years at the Creative Arts School at Old School House Square. Her eclectic career has included extensive travel, teaching, planning programs in foreign affairs, producing an award winning musical, co-founding a black gospel group from Chicago which toured during the winters in Europe for over 25 years, being an event consultant for National Geographic, organizing and escorting tours in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East  She is the organizer of the photo meetup site Photography: The Art of Seeing, the largest photo meetup site in South Florida.  

Meetings Held in 2021

Meetings, Winter 2021

January 5, 2021

February 2, 2021

March 2, 2021