Special Events

Glass Painting

Sunday, February 19, 2023

See document to left for details!

PAINTING on GLASS 2-2023.docx

Let's Sketch Together! 

Wed, Feb 23, 2022

When? Where?

On Wednesday, February 23, the Briny Art League is sponsoring a casual sketch meet up trip to Boca’s Mizner Park. This outing is free and open to all Briny residents and guests. If interested, some of us will stay afterward for a late lunch somewhere in Mizner Park.

The sketch outing is aimed at doing something different. Urban sketching is a growing movement promoting drawing what you see in front of you. The idea is to document a moment in time and sketch what you would never think to do before. 

You do not have to be an artist, but maybe you are a doodler or used to fill up your notebooks with sketches when you were young!  We’ll travel light so only bring a few items so you can be mobile and move to different spots to complete a couple sketches in the allotted time. No fancy equipment necessary – think pad of paper for sketching, multi-media paper if you want to add any markers or watercolor, pencils, pens, etc. 

We will leave Briny at 10:30 for Boca’s Mizner Park. If you are willing to shuttle others in your car please indicate below, or feel free to drive separately and meet us there. Parking is free in the four parking structures around the Park. 

The group will gather outside the Boca Art Museum at 11am and get our bearings from there – sketch for about an hour and a half, then meet up again as a group to show our sketches.  No critiquing, just sharing each other’s creations!

Please sign up in the Briny Mail Room by Monday, February 21.

What is Urban Sketching?

Here are two websites that can tell you more about Urban Sketching.

(Click on the underlined titles to go to the website.)

What is Urban Sketching?  (Domestika.org)

"In short, it is the practice of drawing what is around you, for instance, in your sketchbook. It does not necessarily imply that you draw cities, but rather it consists of capturing your personal vision of your immediate world, and the places you travel to. It is a narrative of everyday life: that cup of coffee that you drink in the morning, the streets that you walk by during the day, the cars that you observed, the clothes that you wore, and so on."

What is Urban Sketching? A Beginner's Guide (UrbanSketchingWorld.com)

For more information and to see suggestions of what supplies to bring, check out this website.